A German City of Roses – La Ciudad de las Rosas

“Let all creation rejoice before the Lord, for he comes, he comes to judge the earth. He will judge the world in righteousness and the peoples in his faithfulness.”

Psalm 96:13

This morning we anchored in the harbor outside Puerto Montt, Chile. We took a tender into shore. We boarded a bus at the terminal and headed for Puerto Varas a German settlement about 20 minutes drive from the Port. As we drove down the hill into Puerto Varas and turned right into the town square, we saw streets lined with beautiful Rose bushes. Not just on the square, but all the streets of the small town. Being summer the bushes were bursting with rose blooms, like a giant rose garden.

We stepped off of the bus and walked across the street to the shore of Lake Llanquihue. It was a sight to behold! Across this massive lake Osorno Volcano jutted toward the sky with it’s snowy peak pointed upward, appearing that the volcano comes up out of the lake pointing to the heavens and praising God. The beauty of God’s creation was surrounding us. We watched the people enjoying the beach, walked the streets, had a coffee and shopped for a few gifts before heading back to Puerto Montt.

Back at the harbor we decided to head toward the Angelmo Fish Market in the “Old Port.” It was a bustling place with lots of vendors selling fish, food, art and trinkets. There were also a slew of local restaurants to choose from. We picked one with a view of the harbor and great local cuisine and enjoyed lunch.

After eating lunch we visited a number of street artists and purchase several small paintings with scenes typical of this part of Chile. Art is one of our favorite souvenirs when we travel abroad. All in all, It was a beautiful sunny summer day and it could not have been more perfect, it was the kind of day that made you want to lift your hands and praise God for His goodness to us! Come let us Praise the Lord!

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