Bon Voyage!

We arrived at San Diego International airport with plenty of time to spare this morning to catch our flight to Buenos Aries. We checked our bags and headed to the gate with time to grab a quick lunch. Although our American Airlines app said our flight was on time, it began to be apparent that was not going to be the case.

Once we boarded our plane which was delayed into San Diego, we found out they had to change direction for take off due to winds. Instead of the normal take off over Ocean Beach & the Pacific Ocean, we would take off over downtown San Diego. For some reason this caused a huge backlog of takeoffs. The pilot announced we were 9 of 15 and it would be another 30 minutes before we could take off. Yikes! Our scheduled two hour layover in Dallas has now completely evaporated.

We are now in the air, it was a bit turbulent (that is both metaphorical and reality) after take off, but things have smoothed out now. When we arrive, we will do an OJ Simpson through the Dallas airport from terminal A to terminal D and hopefully still make our 7:45 PM connecting flight.

So our great adventure begins! Like my wonderful wife Mary-Beth always says when things don’t go exactly as planned, “well it makes for a good story!”

Anticipation is a beautiful thing in life. It allows us to experience the joy & excitement of the experience before we even leave home. If we approach the events of life with an open heart looking for God in them and try to find the story He is writing, we will always have something to celebrate.

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