2 Days at Sea

As we sailed East from Montevideo Uruguay and then south along the Coast of Argentina, we saw the color of the water change from a muddy brown to an emerald green. The water is brown in the Samborombón Bay from the silt that flows out of the mouth of the Rio de La Plata River, flowing all the way from Brazil. As the water flows into the Atlantic Ocean it is filtered by the power of the currents and turns a beautiful sparkling green.

There is a perspective that comes from being at sea where as far as the eye can see there is only ocean. When I experience the power of the sea, I am reminded of God’s power and the way he uses the experiences of life to filter and purify me, refining me in His image.

As we sailed toward Puerto Madryn, Argentina the land faded away as the Atlantic engulfed us. It is on these days at sea that you have a chance to settle into a sabbath rhythm of sorts. I slept in, worked out, read, prayed and took a nap at my favorite spot on the stern with a panoramic view of the Ocean. This is also a good time to meet interesting people.

One person that stands out was a guy named Steve and his wife Anne who we met at lunch. They are from Pennsylvania and we had a lot of interesting conversation. He is a twin and shared 3 months ago he lost his twin brother to an unexpected illness. It was sad to hear the heartbreak he is going through. He said the experience has brought a dark cloud over his whole life.

As I was thinking about the things Steve shared, I was thinking “what a great place to be to process the difficult things of life, the open seas of the Southern Atlantic.” I know when I am quiet, the wind is blowing in my face and I am staring at the power of the Sea, it’s a great time to think and be reminded of the power of God in my life.

With each new conversation I have I seem to learn something. A life is an amazing thing. The experiences and stories of peoples lives make their mark on my soul and offer perspective to my story. I am grateful for Steve & I pray God’s healing and peace in His life.

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