Ushuaia the Southern Most City in the World.

“For this is what the Lord has commanded us: “‘I have made you a light for the Gentiles, that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth.’”

Acts 13:47

When I read the many passages in the New & Old Testament that mention the “ends of the earth,” I never thought I would actually be there, but that is where we have spent the last few days. 

Ushuaia, Argentina is the Southern most City in the world. We arrived there in the late afternoon, but there were gale force winds and the ship could not dock, so we had to anchor in the harbor over night. Early the following day we were able to dock. We went with a group of people to Escondido Lakes. It was a spectacular drive through glacial carved mountains and canyons, scenery unlike anything we had seen before. It was beautiful!

We spent some time walking along the lake and snapping photos. On our way back to town we stopped at a sheep ranch and had lamb cooked in the traditional style over a fire pit. It was delicious! They also kept and trained Siberian huskies as sled dogs for tourists in the winter. They must of had 50 of them in an enclosure. 

The actual town of Ushuaia is built up a hillside from the water in a cove. It was a bustling town with lots of activity. It reminded me of some combination of San Francisco & Rozaje, Montenegro. Very cool place!

We left port a little early, at 3:30 pm, because we would be cruising up Glacier Alley passing 5 glaciers as we navigated through the Chilean Fijords. We had made plans to have dinner with a Jewish Couple we met on the ship from Atlanta. We sat at a window on the starboard side of the ship that gave us a stunning view of the glaciers as we passed by. It was jaw dropping!

The combination of seeing the most spectacular landscape I have seen in my lifetime and the interesting dinner conversation about Judaism, faith and Jesus was almost surreal. When I read in Acts that God calls us to be “a light to the Gentiles,” I am reminded of our responsibility to be intentional to share our faith with those who don’t know Jesus. But today, God sent me to the ends of the earth to share my faith with a Jew and I pray that someday he will find the true Messiah, Jesus.